Use cases


At present there is no cure for diabetes. To prevent complication from the advancing disease it is imperative to measure blood glucose as regularly as possible and maintain its level in a safe range by appropriate diet, physical activity, and precise medications intake.

Wearable technology
Dia-Vit wearables are designed to measure continuously, keeping track of blood glucose without disruption of current activities, be it at meetings, when socialising, or just about anytime and anywhere.
Medicine safety
Dia-Vit technology can be used as an auxiliary device to keep track of blood glucose when taking certain medicines that may cause sudden changes in blood glucose.
Screening tool
As type 2 diabetes is often hard to detect, devices with Dia-Vit technology can be used as a primary precautionary devices to regularly check blood glucose where diabetes is suspected.

463 Milion

People in the world have diabetes

19 Milion

New cases every year

9 Th

Leading cause of death


Wellbeing and Sport

Lifestyle, eating habits, and even stress levels all may have an effect on blood glucose levels. Dia-Vit technology makes it possible to recognize anomalies in blood glucose levels early and take preventive action sooner.

During physical activity blood glucose tracking can be combined with other physiological parameters to optimise workout intensity, duration, water intake, and energy supplements intake.

Wearable devices with Dia-Vit technology can automatically connect to a smartphone app and keep a log-book for you, so the blood glucose levels can be correlated to other activities and events.